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Our Deliberate Future Blueprint

What is Your Unique FormulaTM?

The core of a successful, long-term strategy is a written financial plan that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Our clients tell us that the Deliberate Future Blueprint has provided them with a greater sense of accomplishment through development of a sensible strategy that is consistent with their life and financial goals.

Your Deliberate Future Blueprint will assess what kind of financial life is in your future. By determining What is Your Unique Formula™, we help you implement the steps needed to achieve the lifestyle you imagine. We assess your current situation, discuss your views on risk, and consider potential investment returns to estimate your inflation adjusted purchasing power at retirement. We also consider the financial impact of living a long life and how to plan for that possibility. If there is a surplus of estimated assets, we will focus on asset protection; if there is a deficit, we will offer strategies to help you close the gap.

We will also analyze your entire investment portfolio including your asset allocation, manager performance, and risk adjusted returns. We also consider alternative strategies that are suitable for your situation and goals.

Another primary area of focus is income tax and estate planning (both state and federal). We also review your portfolio from a tax efficiency perspective, and consider asset location strategies as well as the impact of capital gains tax rates versus ordinary income rates.

Since a plan without protection is a gamble, we also assess how you are protected from the risks of daily life. We review your in force insurance strategies for adequacy, tax efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Other considerations may include business succession planning, education funding, charitable gifting, special needs trusts, custodial arrangements, caring for a friend or relative, living longer than expected, changes in health and other important issues.

Each plan also includes a discussion on wealth transfer strategies during life in a tax efficient and cost effective manner. We also address these same issues for after life.

We are pleased that the Deliberate Future Blueprint delivers a roadmap for our clients’ financial success and offers a greater sense of control over the financial issues they face.

Contents of your Deliberate Future Blueprint:

  • Independent Portfolio Analysis
  • Optimal Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Tax Efficiency Review
  • Retirement Plan Projections
  • Strategies for Surplus/Deficit
  • Business Succession Planning
  • "What If" Scenarios
  • Risk Management Programs
  • College Planning
  • Charitable Gifting Strategies
  • Wealth Transfer Strategies
  • Estate Planning

Below please find a link to our Deliberate Future Blueprint Personal Financial Profile and Data Sheet

Deliberate Future BlueprintTM Personal Financial Profile and Data Sheet

Why Develop A Written Plan?

Few people have the time and skill needed to complete a thorough personal financial plan. And yet, this may be the single most important step a person can take. Many clients tell us they want to enjoy life without worrying about money. That is why we developed the Deliberate Future Blueprint. The Blueprint allows a person to take charge of their financial life and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are on course for the life they have worked hard to enjoy. The Blueprint reflects a person’s commitment to their personal financial success, and we reciprocate by making a multi-year commitment to support the achievement of the financial goals.