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Countdown To Financial Freedom

Your Path to a Meaningful, Active, and Vibrant Retirement


The past few decades have not been kind to the middle class and those aspiring for more. Millions of Americans are earning decent, and even high incomes and yet are struggling to achieve their version of the American Dream. How did this come about and what does this mean for your future? Just about everyone, but especially the middle class is going to find it increasingly difficult to save for retirement or any form of financial freedom. That's where the new book, Countdown to Financial Freedom, begins.

In his book, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Forbes columnist, Mark Avallone shares his insights on the current financial landscape. Through the story of fictitious Bruce Wayne, Gotham's celebrity millionaire to the aspiring millionaires of tomorrow, Avallone helps readers understand the dollars they save today may not provide them with the same luxuries and financial freedom their dollars of yesterday provided. Now they are faced with learning how to do more with less and how to think smarter.

To this end, Avallone lays out simple yet achievable suggestions, both behavioral and financial, that his readers can implement quickly. He understands the challenges people are facing and outlines strategies to overcome them. You will get a glimpse into the type of conversations top financial advisors have with their clients, and, in perhaps the most impactful chapter, lays out a decade-by-decade roadmap to help readers who are in their twenties to readers who are in their sixties, better prepare for financial freedom and/or retirement.

After reading this book, readers will gain a much better understanding of how to make better financial decisions and how their new habits and saving strategies can help build a path to a better financial future.